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Based on the ultra-high performing design of the 200 Jack, the 211 Piggy Jack features a longer bearing surface with an extremely high G7 BC of 0.378 (0.739 G1).


We wanted to bring a bullet to the market that was easier to tune, and could be shot in chambers with a typical F-TR freebore. The profile of the 211 allows it to be shot comfortably at speeds similar to other 200gr offerings with virtually no increase in recoil or pressure.

Now built using KP Ballistics' unique sorting system, bullet sorting has become a thing of the past. Our process ensures the absolute highest level of consistency from bullet to bullet and box to box.

NOTE: 1:9 twist recommended for .308 Winchester applications.

211 PIGGY Jack

Published BC information courtesy of Applied Ballistics LLC.

$450 CDN per 500
$800 CDN per 1000
* Prices outside CAN/USA MAY VARY
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